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Children’s Council CEO Gina M. Fromer and SF Mayor London Breed

Children’s Council maintains and leverages relationships with local and state media influencers in order to amplify our message to the greater public through print, digital and broadcast outlets.

If you are a member of the media, please contact our Communications department or call 415.343.4711.

9/11/2020: KTVU: Will there be a shortage of child care in San Francisco as businesses reopen?

8/7/2020: Telemundo 48: Centros de cuidado de niños batallan durante la pandemia

8/3/2020: ABC-7 live panel with CEO Gina Fromer: Experts address COVID-19’s impact on the future of preschool, daycare

8/3/2020: ABC-7: A Day in the Life of a San Francisco Preschool, featuring Children’s Council 2019 Family Child Care Provider Champion Barbara Ng

7/28/2020: KQED News: San Francisco Child Care Providers Are Hurting During Coronavirus Pandemic, with commentary by CEO Gina Fromer

7/27/2020: KQED Forum with Michael Krasny: “COVID-19 Prompts Child Care Crisis Across California” with commentary by Children’s Council

6/29/2020: San Francisco Examiner Op-Ed by CEO Gina M. Fromer: “What Kind of World Will We Leave Behind for Our Children?”

6/22/2020: Medium: “The Pandemics Rage On. Who Will Take Care of the Children?” by CEO Gina M. Fromer

6/11/2020: KCBS Radio: Ask An Expert About Child Care, an interview with CEO Gina M. Fromer and Child Care Law Center’s Kim Kruckel

6/1/2020: San Francisco News: Officials Secure $1 Million to Support Child Care Providers

5/27/2020: Univision: Guarderías y centros de cuidado empiezan a implementar nuevos protocolos de seguridad (Nurseries and care centers begin to implement new security protocols)

5/8/2020: San Francisco Chronicle (front page): Who Will Watch the Kids? Bay Area Child Care Providers Shutting Down

5/8/2020: San Francisco Chronicle (front page Bay Area section): Popular Summer Camp in Bankruptcy

5/1/2020: ABC-7: Home-based child care programs searching for answers during shelter-in-place

5/1/2020: San Francisco Chronicle: What Does Feminism Look Like Without Child Care? It’s Not Pretty

4/5/2020: San Francisco Chronicle: A Working Parent’s Shelter-in-Place Quandary – Pay for Child Care They Can’t Use? 

2/7/2020: First5 Summit Spotlights Equity in Action

10/9/2019: City to Award $30MM in Stipends to SF Early Educators

9/14/2019: The fight is not over: business groups appeal “Baby” Prop C

7/29/2019: KALW Radio Panel with CEO Gina M. Fromer: The Rising Cost of Child Care

7/12/2019: It’s official — “Baby Prop C” is safe!

6/21/2019: “Baby Prop C” is going to court: join in the fight!

3/14/2019: El Tecolote: Anti-Tax Advocacy Group Tries to Block SF Voter-Sponsored Funding for Education 

3/12/2019: Blue Ribbon Commission Releases Ambitious Statewide Plan for ECE in CA 

2/3/2019: San Jose Mercury News: The Crushing Quest Bay Area Parents Face for Child Care

2/1/2019: ABC7: The Trauma of Parental Separation

1/29/2019: Children’s Council’s Raegan Sales Appointed to SF Food Security Task Force

11/1/2018: USA Today: Children’s Council’s Healthy Apple Program Makes National News

6/21/2018: Prop C — A Victory for our City 

6/6/2018: Bay Area ReporterChildren’s Council was a proponent of Proposition C.

5/26/2018: San Francisco Chronicle — Executive Director Sandee Blechman: “San Francisco has a well-thought-out plan and clear priorities for how to use funds generated by Prop. C”

5/17/2018: KQED Radio “Prop C Universal Childcare for San Francisco.”
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3/29/2018: Children’s Council Urges You to Vote YES on Prop C

1/24/2018: New York Times: Why Are Our Most Important Teachers Paid the Least?

10/26/17: Child Care for Working Families Act in Congress Introduced

7/3/17: Three is the Magic Number for Child Care: Availability, Quality, Affordability

6/29/17:  San Francisco Chronicle: Changes to Child Care in SF

5/21/17: In response to New York TimesGet Ready to Fight for Early Care and Education

5/3/17: Washington Post: Something to Emulate in Washington, D.C.

3/9/17: Immigrants Make Our Community Stronger through Family Child Care

8/16/16: Child Care is Good for Business

6/17/16: Tell Governor to Support Child Care Funding

5/26/16: Tell California Legislature to Spend Budget Surplus on Child Care

1/6/2016: San Francisco Chronicle: Housing Crisis Affects Child Care Providers and Parents

11/6/2015: Share Your Voice: Urgent Community Events

10/2/2015: SF Housing Crisis: Family Child Care Provider Resources

7/7/2015: In response to Washington Post: Is Universal Child Care the Next Big Liberal Cause?

7/6/15: New Investments for California Child Care

1/21/15: Wall Street Journal: President Obama State of the Union: “High quality child care is a must-have.”

3/11/2015: In response to Black Voice News and EdSource: Lack of Early Education Hurting the U.S.

3/2/2015: In response to Roll Call and Washington Post: People are Talking About Child Care 

1/14/15: San Francisco Chronicle: Mayor Ed Lee Announces Preschool Expansion

1/12/15: US News & World Report: Early Education is a National Priority