New Investments for California Child Care

The frenzied state and city budget processes from the last six months have drawn to a close with good news for child care and early education advocates. Children’s Council sends out a big “Thank you” to everyone who made calls, signed petitions, and attended rallies. Your voice was heard in Sacramento and at City Hall!

In the state budget, child care and early education were among the legislature’s top priorities for reinvestment. Leaders from the state Senate and Assembly pushed the Governor hard, resulting in an increase of $423 million in funding. This doesn’t completely make up for the cuts during the Great Recession, but it’s good progress. The $423 million will fund a combination of higher rates for child care providers and additional child care subsidy slots for families.

The increase in rates paid to child care providers has two major benefits. Firstly, parents who receive a subsidy will be able to afford a wider range of quality child care programs. The other benefit is increased compensation paid to child care providers for their valuable work. Next year’s budget also includes funding for additional child care voucher slots, which means more California families will receive financial assistance.

All of this is good news for families and children! These essential funding increases bring us closer to Children’s Council’s vision: that all children receive high quality, affordable child care and early education. While our progress here in California is notable, there are big strides to make before our state of great wealth and innovation takes its place at the forefront of early care and education. Thank you again to everyone who helped us advocate for the increase of $423 million in funding. We look forward to even more progress next year!

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