Help Paying for Child Care

Children’s Council offers a variety of financial assistance programs that may partially or completely cover the costs of care for children from birth until the age of 13* (for state funded programs only).  

The first step in this process is to assess if you are income eligible for financial assistance.  Our Child Care Financial Assistance Eligibility Calculator will help you to determine if you are eligible for child care financial assistance and guide you through next steps for a successful application. 

Or you can speak directly to one of our Resource & Referral teammates by calling us at 415.343.3300 or email, who can help to determine if you are income eligible for child care financial assistance.  

Maximum Gross Monthly Income By Family Size

1 or 2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5
Size 6
Size 7
Size 6
State Child Care Voucher
(0-13 age range eligibility/ when funding is available)
$6,128 $6,931   $8,025  $9,309 $10,593 $10,834  $11,074  
Early Leaning Scholarship
(0-5 age range eligibility/
must be SF resident)
$10,571 $11,887 $13,208 $14,267  $15,321 $16,379  $17,433 

For important financial forms and documents, please see our menu below.

Information About Family Fees

Typically, depending on your gross monthly income, you would be required you to pay a portion of your child care subsidy; this is called a family fee. 

However, the State of California has waived family fees for child care through September 2023.

Apply for Financial Assistance

Take the first step to see if you qualify for financial assistance for early child care and education: click here to apply. Families will be contacted as child care spaces become available.

Children’s Council is here to help! Please contact our counselors to learn more: