Child Care Makes it All Work

Thank you San Francisco voters, for approving “baby” Prop C!

Everyone at Children’s Council is extremely grateful to the thousands of child care champions who worked so tirelessly on “baby” Prop C. Never before have we seen so many families, city leaders, child care advocates and early educators come together with such passion and commitment.

“Baby” Prop C secures San Francisco’s investment in child care, enabling more families to afford the care they need. More young children will get the attention, stimulation and care their brains need to blossom. Parents can worry less and contribute more.

And in making child care affordable, we make it easier for families to afford housing and remain here. San Francisco voters can be proud. With “baby” Prop C, the future of our city is brighter.

Join with Children Council and our partners, allies and supporters in celebrating this critical investment in families and ensuring San Francisco is a city in which families of diverse means can live and thrive.

Wondering how “baby” Prop C will affect you? Find your answers, visit our FAQ page.

Do you need child care?
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