BizNest at Children’s Council

Whether you’re new to the early education field or a longtime child care provider, BizNest at Children’s Council is here to help you launch and nurture a thriving home-based child care program and improve your skills as an educator and business owner.

Child Care Business Incubator

One of our signature BizNest programs, our Child Care Business Incubator has successfully trained and launched 50+ new child care businesses across 12 California counties since 2019, serving nearly 500 women micro-entrepreneurs who are black, indigenous or people of color (BIPOC). Learn more and sign up for our course in English, Spanish and Chinese here.

Check out our full-color brochure in English and Spanish here.

We also also offer programs and supports for educators at center-based child care programs, as well as family, friends and neighbors who care for children. Click here to download a flyer about our programs and services for early educators.

At Children’s Council, we offer a full range of 1-on-1 support and group trainings, including programs to help you: 

Navigate the licensing process and transform your home into a thriving child care space.

Learn how to build a high-quality home-based business that is attractive to families through our Family Child Care Fundamentals series and a full range of Provider Workshops to help you be the best educator you can be.

Connect to government dollars, so you can care for children in your neighborhood who qualify for financial assistance. Learn more now!

Lower your business start-up costs. Our Lending Library features toys and books you can borrow, so you don’t have to buy everything. 

Access a vast array of information 24 hours a day. Our Online Help Center offers COVID supports, updates on the child care field and many other resources. 

Market your program to families in your community looking for care through our Mobile-Friendly Child Care Finder search engine. 

Receive partial meal reimbursements for serving healthy food by joining our Child Care Food Program.

Create lifelong healthy habits through our Healthy Apple programGet the tools, resources and support to create a child care environment that promotes nutrition and physical activity.

Got questions? Get in contact with us by emailing or calling 415.343.4669.