Prop C: A Victory for Our City

We are extremely grateful to the hundreds of child care champions who worked to put Prop C on the ballot and advocated for its approval, and especially for the leadership of Supervisors Norman Yee and Jane Kim in putting this measure forward.

This was a wonderful team effort, with city leaders, child care advocates, early educators and families coming together to ensure that San Francisco is a city in which families of diverse means can live and thrive.

We particularly want to recognize the SF chapter of Parent Voices, an incredible group of early education activists who worked tirelessly to ensure that SF voters understood and voted for Prop C.

If you’re wondering how and when Prop C might affect you personally, you can read our FAQ page here.

The future of our city is brighter today

Prop C secures San Francisco’s investment in child care, enabling more families to afford the care they need so they can work and so that their children are ready for school and for life!

More young children will get the attention, stimulation and care their brains need to blossom. Parents can worry less and contribute more. Early educators can be paid livable wages so they can be there for families and children.

When we help families pay for child care, we make it easier for families to afford housing and remain here. San Francisco voters can be proud. With Prop C, the future of our city is brighter.

What’s Next?

Children’s Council looks forward to working with our city leaders and community partners to ensure that revenues from Prop C address our community priorities:

Stay involved!

While we are thrilled about the passage of Prop C, our work at Children’s Council is far from over. We will not rest until all San Francisco families have access to quality, affordable child care and preschool! Stay connected with us on Facebook, keep an eye on our blogvolunteer with us or attend a Children’s Council program.

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