Track Your Professional Development

At BizNest at Children’s Council, we want you to be able to track your professional development while growing your child care business. The California Early Care and Education Workforce Registry is an online service designed to track and promote the education, training and experience of the early care and education workforce. Its goal is to improve the professionalism and quality of the ECE workforce, and ultimately to positively impact children.

All teachers and family child care providers are encouraged to join the State workforce registry. To register, please visit

Benefits of the Workforce Registry

The Registry benefits both job seekers and employers. Individual participants can build a profile of education, permits, training and employment history, which can then be used to build a resume.

Program administrators can easily document the qualifications of their staff. That documentation can be used in reporting to funders and creating professional development plans.

As it expands to more counties throughout California, the Registry will provide the first comprehensive look at the early childhood workforce in the state. This data has tremendous potential to bring about improvements to the field. You can help to make this happen simply by joining the Registry.

Register today with the California Early Care and Education Workforce Registry.