Without child care, San Francisco doesn’t work

Child care providers are essential. They risk everything to care for our children so that frontline workers can tend to the sick, stock our grocery shelves and keep the internet humming. Now, as San Francisco gets back to work, businesses and their workers need child care. We urge everyone to support our child care workers.  Scroll down to learn about how you and your colleagues can join us in the fight for our city’s recovery.

YOU CAN ALSO MAKE A DONATION NOW to support our support families, early educators and children and ensure that our city’s child care ecosystem is in place when we all get back to work.

Your gift will lift up San Francisco’s child care infrastructure by:

  • Providing no-cost cleaning supplies to the approximately 600 open licensed child care sites
  • Distributing Play Lab Learning & Activity Kits to an additional 300 families, so children from communities most struggling have developmentally appropriate educational resources that promote adult-child interaction 
  • Offering 10,000 unique visitors free access to the full 100+ multi-lingual articles in our Online Help Center as they navigate their child care questions and concerns during the pandemic, resulting in an estimated 50,000 page views 
  • Providing coaching and technical assistance to 600+ child care businesses so they can access resources, financial assistance, refine their business models and market their businesses in a rapidly changing market 

  • Helping thousands of families to explore and understand their child care options via the Child Care Finder search engine, in addition to personalized child care resource and referral services via phone, email and text 
  • Providing 3,400 children from low-income families and an additional 150 children of essential worker families with access to financial assistance for child care at any given time 
  • Supporting 600+ licensed early childhood education programs with COVID-19 health and safety training and connection to families 
  • Preparing 100+ early childhood educators to run high-quality, successful home-based child care businesses through our Child Care Business Incubator 
  • Providing enhanced child care navigation services to 500 families experiencing extreme family disruption or trauma

Click below to learn about how you and your colleagues can join us in the fight for our city’s recovery.

What can business leaders do to support child care?

  • Support the critical work of Children’s Council at this time by making a gift personally or engaging your business to make a corporate donation. Contact our Chief Advancement Officer to connect and learn more.
  • Provide child care solutions for employees, and drive retention of valuable human capital. Supporting employee child care needs increases productivity, decreases absenteeism and helps working parents know they are valued. Partner with Children’s Council and we can help you create worker-friendly child care practices and policies for your company. Contact our partnerships team to learn how Children’s Council can help you develop child care solutions for your employees.
  • Our new workshop series is a great way to bring the latest child care guidance to your employees in the rapidly changing COVID-19 context. Contact us for more information on how to host workshops for a group.
  • Lift up this message by amplifying this campaign. Scroll through all our campaign content on your favorite social media platform, then Like/Share our posts to help us get the word out! Co-branded assets are also available. Contact us for more information.

Why does child care matter to business?

San Francisco is an economic and technological powerhouse. Without proper child care, our city will stumble and fall. Employers need workers and workers need child care. Without it, workers can’t be productive—costing business billions of dollars.

We’d like to come talk to you about it, and ask for your influence to help us reach other business leaders.

Contact our Chief Advancement Officer to connect and learn more.

What kinds of policies should businesses support?

San Francisco already had a child care shortage. We need big and small businesses alike to support public investment in our child care infrastructure while also advocating for universal public child care.

Join in the fight for child care! Our advocacy coalition, including our Women’s Leadership Business Council, works with civic leaders to ensure that early education is a priority at the local, state and national level.

Sign up for our Advocacy Email List and we’ll make it easy for you to contact your elected officials and urge them to support critical child care initiatives. Contact our Director of Policy Communications to be a part of this exciting work.