Front Page News: Changes to Child Care in SF

On Thu, Jun 29, the San Francisco Chronicle featured a front page article highlighting the launch and implementation of San Francisco’s new Early Learning Scholarship (ELS) system:

“The new system is more efficient because it cuts down administrative costs, said Sandee Blechman, executive director of the nonprofit Children’s Council, which administers San Francisco’s child care subsidies. More importantly, she said, it provides an incentive for child care providers to enroll more low-income children.

And that’s the first step toward big societal change, Blechman said. She cited “an abundance of research” showing that structured infant care and preschool environments set kids up to succeed the rest of their lives.”

Read San Francisco Chronicle front page article.

Download a PDF of the San Francisco Chronicle front page article.

Questions about the Early Learning Scholarship system?
Whether you are a parent or child care provider, Children’s Council is here to help. Our website features a summary of the new Early Learning Scholarship (ELS) system, as well as contact information for staff who will do their best to answer all your questions.

Please visit our ELS page to learn more:

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