We can help give your employees peace of mind

so they can focus on their job rather than worry about child care or school 

Did you know that child care hiccups account for $57 billion in lost productivity every year to businesses like yours? Your employees with children face many daunting choices and challenges as they seek care and schools for their kids.

We can help ensure your employees have the information they need to make good choices, reduce their stress levels associated with child care/school, and help you maintain a productive workforce.

Host a workshop that helps your employees navigate child care, preschool or public school in San Francisco.

Host with us – and we’ll do all the work!

Children’s Council of San Francisco and Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco are pleased to provide workshops to help families who live in San Francisco better understand the process of finding and applying for child care or preschool, and/or entering public schools.

Working families in San Francisco face many challenges stemming from lack of child care – click here to see a snapshot of the challenges they face.

Many organizations and companies are now providing this valuable resource to their employees. We’ll help guide your staff on how to find the child care or school that’s right for them. We’ll guide them on finding the child care option or school that’s right for them, and take some of their worry and stress away – so they can focus on their work. 

Together we’ll address: 

 Our workshops are available in English, Spanish or Cantonese

Topics include:

  • How does one type of child care program or preschool differ from another? What is their approach to care and learning for different developmental stages?
  • How can I tell the quality of the care or education my little one will receive?
  • How does the public school elementary school enrollment system work, and how do I apply/participate?
  • How do I wrap my head around all the differing enrollment/application deadlines, forms and policies?

Workshop offerings & cost:

Workshop offerings & cost:

  • Choosing Infant Care
  • Choosing a Preschool
  • Enrolling in SFUSD Kindergarten 
  • Enrolling in SFUSD Middle School
  • Enrolling in SFUSD High School 

Number of Workshops / Cost

  • 2 or less workshops: $1,000/each
  • 3 workshops: $2,700
  • 4-5 workshops: $4,000

Premium 1-on-1 consultation and supports in securing enrollment: Cost will be determined by negotiation with employer, based on # of consultations and services provided

Please reach out to us today to schedule a virtual or in-person workshop! Contact Maiysha Dickerson for more information.

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