Upholding The Cornerstone That Is Child Care

The end of 2020 fast approaches, and although relief is coming, it does not detract from everything our city now must endure.  Children’s Council is proud to be here for San Francisco children, families and early educators through it all.

This year we’ve seen firsthand: without child care, San Francisco doesn’t work. Early education programs open the door for doctors, grocers, researchers and other essential workers do their jobs.

Our Child Care Business Incubator program has worked tirelessly, providing hundreds of hours of 1-on-1 support and trainings to help early educators – like Winifred of Wisely Child Care – keep their businesses open and running as safely as possible.

Thousands of families turned to us, looking for help – and we provide the lifeline they need to diapers, food, referrals, support groups and more. Whether a family’s needs are financial, in capacity building, or even emotional – our services and workshops make a solution possible, just as they did for Maria Ortega’s family.

Children’s Council has been a cornerstone of San Francisco’s child care community for more than 45 years, empowering generations of families like Monique and her mother before her,  and early education activist Elvia McInley.

As 2020 comes to a close, we hope you’ll consider supporting us as we continue carrying out our mission of accessible, quality child care for San Francisco, so all children can reach their full potential.

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