Providing a Lifeline to Families in Crisis

Now more than ever, Children’s Council is a lifeline for families in crisis. But long before the pandemic, Maria Ortega understood the importance of our programs and services for families. 

Maria says, “My husband and I are both immigrants, we needed all of the resources and workshops that Children’s Council offers. It’s been invaluable.

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Now a married mother of two — seven year old Amariz, and three year old Enoch — Maria regularly attended our New & Expecting Moms support group, saying, “Being around other new moms who were going through the same thing I was validated my emotions. It helped me cope, and allowed me to share with other mothers who understood how I was feeling.

Likewise, she and her husband Manuel also attend our Parent Café program. She says, “Parent Café offered us so much education and support. We met other families and it helped us build stronger bonds and connections with our children. My husband is not as social and outgoing as I am, but he was there, listening and learning too.” 

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Manuel, who works in the restaurant industry, has learned to enjoy reading with his children, helping them learn, and sharing his passion for cooking with them. 

After the birth of her daughter, Maria joined the staff at San Francisco’s Homeless Prenatal program. She facilitates courses including infant massage, “Know Your Baby,” and “Abriendo Puertas” and she works as a labor and postpartum doula. And she and her coworkers help spread the word about Children’s Council programs and services to their clients.

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Maria says, “We receive your emails about workshops and programs, and we share them with our clients. All of your services are so important. How to help children learn from home, learning activities, and most of all, how to find child care… now more than ever, families need Children’s Council.”

For over 45 years, Children’s Council has supported moms like Maria. But we need your help!

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