Healthy Apple Program

HealthyApple_logo.WEB SMALLThe Healthy Apple Program is available for FREE to all child care providers in San Francisco.

Healthy Apple supports child care providers in implementing research-based best practices in nutrition and physical activity for children from birth to age 5.

The program includes (1) a self-assessment of current practices, (2) goal-setting assistance to improve those practices and (3) resources, workshops and coaching to help meet these goals.

Each year we award child care providers who have demonstrated excellence in their nutrition and physical activity practices. The program was developed by the San Francisco Child Care Wellness Collaborative.

Visit our Healthy Apple website to get started today! Or contact Raegan Sales at 415.276.2900.


Healthy Apple Policy Development Resources

HA Sample Policy

Suggested Steps for Developing Policies

Policy Statement Template

Policy Considerations from Healthy Apple Self-Assessments


Learn more about Healthy Apple and meet one of our participants in this video:




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