Without child care, San Francisco doesn’t work

This week Children’s Council launched a major new campaign: “Without Child Care, San Francisco Doesn’t Work.”

Child care providers are essential. They risk everything to care for our children so that our frontline workers can tend to the sick, stock our grocery shelves, drive buses, and keep the internet humming. Now, as San Francisco gets back to work, businesses and their workers need child care more than ever.

Through this campaign, we strive to engage our city’s civic leaders, business community and the general public in our work, to help them better understand how critical child care is to getting San Francisco’s economy restarted, and to join us in the fight for our city’s recovery.

Visit our campaign home page at www.childrenscouncil.org/recovery or scroll through all the wonderful, creative content on your favorite social media platform, then Like/Share our posts to help us get the word out! 

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