Top Five Best Practices for Distance Learning

San Francisco Unified School District’s announcement that the school semester would not include in-person instruction has caused both relief and dread for parents. 

Let’s be honest – supporting our children with distance learning is challenging even for those of us with a background in education. 

Our community is listening and responding to these needs and concerns. Children’s Council team includes former teachers and early educators who have crowdsourced some best practices that may help you as the new school semester begins.

1. Establish and stick to your child’s schedule and routine. SFUSD has established consistent schedules for various age groups in their Family Distance Learning Guide.  Here are additional helpful tips for parents and providers irrespective of school district. 

2. Check in with your child about their progress throughout the day. Ask questions like: What did you enjoy? Did you experience any challenges? How can I support you? 

3. Ensure adequate Wi-Fi access (especially if you have multiple users throughout the day – consult SFUSD’s support with getting online and check out our related article about free/discounted internet access).  

4. Set-up permission settings on computers and other devices to limit screen time and restrict access to sites and apps.

5. Have a child with a suspected or diagnose special need or IEP? Talk to your school and teacher to set realistic expectations. San Francisco-based Support for Families of Children with Disabilities has guidance for our current COVID-19 context and Case Advocacy has example questions to ask when advocating for your child’s educational success. 

Check out this article on our Online Help Center, which includes detailed information on Community Learning Hubs, financial assistance, workshops, and a full range of activities and resources to help you navigate these challenging times.

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