Support Child Care: Today. Tomorrow. 

Child care is hard. Even for people with means, balancing taking care of young children and work is difficult. Between the high cost of child care and the scarcity of child care providers, a family’s whole world can quickly fall apart.

We are in the middle of a child care crisis that cuts across all socioeconomic and racial lines.

At Children’s Council, we have solutions, but we need your help to fund and grow the number of high-quality child care businesses, especially those serving our most vulnerable communities of color.

Since 2019, Children’s Council’s innovative Child Care Business Incubator has successfully trained and helped launch 100+ new child care businesses in San Francisco, which created 800+ new child care slots.

With your help, we can launch more child care businesses so that EVERY child has access to quality care that helps them reach their full potential and thrive, and their parents can go to work or school and support their families!

One graduate of our Incubator, Krystle Danridge-Pierson, a San Francisco native, wife, mom of two boys, SF State grad, and early childhood educator with 16 years of experience, approached Children’s Council for help launching her own in-home child care business.

Krystle enrolled in our Child Care Business Incubator and attended workshops focused on topics ranging from digital marketing and childhood development, to licensing support and diversity and inclusion.

Today, Krystle is the founder and director of Each One Teach One Family Childcare in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. She serves a diverse population of families, including families struggling to get by, who receive financial assistance to pay for child care, and parents whose jobs require Saturday child care.

And, because of our partnership with the Dream Keeper Initiative, Krystle is an important part of our vision to rebuild the community of African American early educators serving the babies, toddlers and preschoolers of San Francisco. Together, we are working hard to ensure that all children have the chance to experience culturally affirming role models in their classrooms from an early age.

Will you help us train more early childhood educators like Krystle Danridge-Pierson who would like to start their own child care businesses, serve their communities, and create new jobs?

Will you support the opening of more child care slots by donating to Children’s Council?

In 2024, Children’s Council will be celebrating our 50th anniversary. For 50 years, Children’s Council has advocated for quality early care and education, empowered families with information and financial support, and built the capabilities of educators, ensuring that every child in San Francisco has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Your support ensures this continues. Thank you for your generosity!

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