Start with quality child care and parents make it work

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As every parent knows, dropping off your child at day care or preschool can be stressful, and it’s almost impossible to not worry about your little one while you’re at work or school.

But if parents feel confident about their child’s early education setting, they can focus on their job or classwork.

Kids in quality early education programs are learning academic skills, eating healthy meals, and gaining critical social skills.

And their parents are great employees and students who contribute to our community and economy.

At Children’s Council, we’re committed to making quality, affordable child care a reality for all San Francisco families. But we need your help.

During this special season of giving, your investment in Children’s Council will help more parents make it work.

We’ve all been digging deep to support important causes across our country. 

But today we ask you to dig a little deeper to help those in our own community. 

Invest in child care, and we all win. 

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