Thandiwe Cato

Thandiwe Cato is a financial advisor at Matthews Financial & Insurance Solutions. Her previous work at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management laid the foundation for her work as an advisor at MFIS.

Her reliability, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence have played a key role in building strong relationships with her clients. She has effectively utilized the resources of her team at MFIS to help her nurture long-lasting relationships with her growing client base.

As a proud graduate of San Francisco State University, she majored in International Business and plans to pursue further designations as she continues her career as a financial advisor.

Outside of her work as a financial advisor, she enjoys discovering new places to eat, working out, reading, and traveling. Being an active member of her community is also something that is particularly important to her. Thandiwe is involved in various mentoring and community outreach programs within the Bay Area. With the ongoing pandemic, she plans to continue focusing on financial literacy workshops that teach the importance of generational wealth creation within her community.