Samantha Jo-Dato

Samantha Jo-Dato serves as a catalyst for change in nonprofit organizations, community initiatives, and legislative campaigns for over 20 years.  Her work is rooted in leveraging access that will create and cultivate results for all oppressed people. She is nicknamed “The Fixer” with organizations, stakeholders and sponsors all over the world.  

Samantha is gifted in logistics, racial justice training, leadership development, retreats and streamlining cultural competency policies. She has collaborated with organizations around the world, working with the United Nations Human Rights Council, The White House Anti-Violence Task Force, Los Angeles County Division of HIV & STD Programs (DHSP), NMAC Biomedical Summit and TWOCC to name a few.

Samantha’s proven track record of problem-solving, fostering healthy relationships, networking and swift decision-making skills have made her a logistical mastermind no matter what amount of reshuffling is needed. 

Samantha is a two-time best-selling author of her works, “Shattered Perfect a Testimonial Journal,” as well as SPTTJ (1.0).  Currently residing in Oakland, Samantha is currently the Development Manager for TGIJP, and an active board member with Children’s Council’s Associate Board and Northern California Transgender Advisory Council (NCALTAC).  She also serves as an ambassador for FertilityIQ.  Samantha holds the motto: “If I can just get in the room, I make the connection.”