Moanam Khalid

Moanam recently earned a B.S in Genetics and Genomics/ Public Health (minor) from University of California Davis and is planning to pursue further studies in Healthcare. She is currently working as a Medical Assistant and actively volunteers for different community services. She serves as a Regional Director of San Francisco at Education First. Growing up in an underserved and undeveloped country she has a great passion to focus on creating awareness for the importance of children’s education.

In her words, her strength is her flexibility to handle change. She is motivated and can work for herself or on a team. To uplift her interpersonal wellbeing in addition to her academics, she challenges herself by being an active participant of diverse organizations like Humanity Welfare, Society for Disabled and Needy People, and American Red cross. She also has leadership experience by being a president of Pre-medical Dental and Pharmacy club and Muslim Student Association at City College of San Francisco. 

According to her, ”I’m a student thriving on change. I have transformed my challenges into stepping stones to success. After the first year of getting into medical school, I abruptly moved to California four years ago. I faced cultural, educational and language obstacles. I felt alienated. However, I was determined to make myself comfortable and happy in my new country and life. I learnt that challenges are certain in life but being defeated is your choice. Now I view my challenges as opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone and grow as a person. I work for reliability, integrity and promptness. This is an opportunity for me to grow and develop. I think this internship provides me a great opportunity to give back to my community that has given me a lot. I am hoping to get a solid foundation in my current position and will use that foundation to become an expert at advocating the children’s council’s mission. I’ll try my best to give back to Children’s Council by training others with the knowledge I obtain.“