Nurture Business Program Helps Caregivers Become Entrepreneurs

When Alba Diaz moved to San Francisco from Texas, she brought with her a lifetime of experience caring for children.

But women like Alba face many barriers to financial security; without a degree or formal training, and limited English-speaking skills, career opportunities beyond minimum-wage jobs were bleak.

“I have always loved caring for young children. I enjoy supporting children as they learn to walk and talk, and getting them ready for school.”

Alba’s sister ran a home-based family child care business so she worked there as an assistant, and she served as a volunteer teacher at her church.

Making her home in the Bayview, Alba says, “I saw that there was a need for quality child care in my community, so I decided to take the next step and start my own program.”

Three years ago, Alba turned to Children’s Council to begin her journey to becoming a business owner.

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Like many Spanish speakers, Alba saw her lack of English skills as a barrier. Now, through our Nurture Business program trainings, she’s learned how to leverage her Spanish skills as an asset, empowering her to run her own child care business serving families in her Bayview community.

Alba says, “Although I had years of experience caring for children, there were many aspects of running a business that I did not feel confident in. Through Children’s Council’s workshops and the staff’s support, now I not only work better with children, I’m a more conscientious business owner.”

Alba has a marketing plan, a parent contract and handbook, and we’ve helped her learn how to handle language translations so she can serve Spanish and English-speaking families.

She is also a member of the Family Child Care Quality Network, our professional program for early educators that allows them to build a support community with peers and to improve the quality of their programs through workshops and conferences.

Alba says, “I have been able to apply what I have learned and I know that even if I do not have all the answers, there are people that I can turn to for guidance and support. With each training or coaching session, I am becoming a better educator. I am looking forward to learning even more!

She goes on to say, “All of the children I serve are on financial assistance; their parents need child care in order to work. Children’s Council has helped me think through how I can best partner with them.

“Children’s Council has opened so many doors for me, and helped me make a living doing something I truly love.”

Each year Children’s Council’s Nurture Business program increases the supply of high-quality infant and toddler care in San Francisco’s low-income and high-need neighborhoods. 

Through workshops, technical assistance, coaching, online resources and financial support, we are incubating viable home-based child care businesses and boosting the incomes of entrepreneurs.

During this season of giving, won’t you make a gift to Children’s Council and help caregivers like Alba build confidence and community?

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