New & Expecting Moms Group: a place to share, discover and learn

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Children’s Council’s weekly New & Expecting Moms group provides a structured, safe space for moms to share, discover, reflect and learn with one another.  

New and expecting moms face many life issues for the first time. From body image and shifting relationships, to establishing work-life balance and creating new routines, motherhood can be marked with a huge range of emotions, rewards and challenges.

It’s critical for new parents to have a strong network to call upon, ask questions, celebrate successes and receive support in times of need. A growing body of research shows how important social interaction and support is to helping new mothers deal better with stress and relating to their children in more positive ways.

At Children’s Council, we understand the importance of this experience and provide this weekly group where moms can explore and learn, and build confidence and community. 

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