Making a Plan to Protect Your Family in Case of Emergency

Virtual workshop: Thursday, July 9, 6pm
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By Mohan Kanungo
Director of Community, Innovation and Impact, Children’s Council

When I was in law school here in San Francisco, my mom got sick and went into a hospital. A neighbor stepped into help care for my brother and sister, but when they couldn’t look after them anymore, I got a call during finals week asking me to come and pick them up in rural Kentucky — otherwise they would go into foster care. 

I obviously could not get there in time, and with no savings or home of my own to house them, what unfolded for me and my family felt like a nightmare.  It took nearly two years of navigating the foster care system before finally securing reliable care for my siblings, with my mom’s cousin in Florida.  

It was the kind of situation few of us imagine, but one that can happen suddenly, following the death of a loved one, separation due to an immigration, or a pandemic like all of us are experiencing right now.

Even with my little bit of legal education, I felt powerless.  After my mom’s eventual passing, my sole purpose became how to best support my brother and sister, but I knew I wanted to share with others what I experienced and hopefully help them avoid unnecessary trauma.

There is a lot one can do to prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best.  These can be uncomfortable conversations, but it starts with having the right information to understand your options before an emergency. 

Join me in that dialogue on Thursday, July 9 at 6pm for a special virtual workshop, Making a Plan to Protect Your Family in Case of Emergency, presented by Children’s Council and Legal Services for Children.

Together we will learn about legal options to secure care for a child and a full range of other helpful tools like a caregiver affidavit. RSVP now for this important workshop.