Madonna Stancil

Madonna Stancil holds a Masters Degree in Individualized Studies in Education from Goddard College. An active member for over thirty years in the field of Early Care and Education, she worked first in San Bruno, and then in San Francisco. At Goddard, she created her own curriculum and formulated a thesis focused on diversity and inclusion—Diversity beyond Potlucks: in Inclusive Approach.

“As a dedicated leader I am eager to engage, mentor, and encourage future educators to strive for excellence. I work hard to provide guidance, motivate, create an anti-bias curriculum, as well as stay up-to-date on new policies, and communicate effectively with a diverse group of individuals. I have provided quality care to young children for over thirty years, for the past three years as a site supervisor, and also been working closely with at risk low-income families. The inequities that I see these families facing remind me of my own upbringing, and why this work is so important to the community. Although my position puts my family and me in a challenging and unstable financial situation, it is my passion to partner with families on their children’s educational journey. I dedicate myself to this great work.”

Madonna aspires to grow professionally, as well as create an active partnership with the community of educators she works with, promoting their individual growth, and develop strong relationships with parents and families to support them in advocating for their children.

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