Join the TIPS by TEXT Revolution!

In 2017, Children’s Council partnered with Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education to offer TIPS by TEXT, an innovative text messaging program for parents and caregivers for children under the age of 5.

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Recent studies show that the average American sends and receives 32 texts every day, while only making and receiving six phone calls per day. For many, text is their primary mode of communication.

In recent years, text messaging has also emerged as a highly effective learning tool for busy parents, early educators and caregivers.

In its first year, San Francisco parents who participated in TIPS by TEXT engaged more frequently in learning activities with their children, were more involved at their children’s school and gained two to three additional months of learning in important areas of literacy.

TIPS by TEXT participants receive three texts per week, with quick bits of information and fun activities to help support children’s development, such as:

Thousands of parents and caregivers are participating in this program. Join in the fun today!

Texts are FREE and available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese.

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Learn more about TIPS by Text in this video:

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