Elisabeth Diana, Champions Luncheon Co-Chair

When Elisabeth Diana attended her first Child Care Champions Luncheon in 2017, she never would have guessed she would be co-chairing the event two years later.

A new mother at the time, our message of accessible, quality child care deeply resonated with Elisabeth, having just experienced those challenges herself. Since then, she has joined Children’s Council as a board member and is a proponent of economic empowerment through child care.

Elisabeth believes that economic disparity only widens without child care, saying, “Families, especially mothers, need peace of mind and assurance when entering the workplace or even just continuing their career.”

Having charted her own career course as a working mother, Elisabeth is currently VP of Corporate Communications at Facebook; she previously worked in advertising and communications at Publicis & Hal Riney, as well as Google.

Governor Newsom’s recent commitment to early childhood funding has Elisabeth particularly excited for the future of child care.

She also understands firsthand the lasting impact of a dedicated caregiver. Until she was five years old, her nanny was a big part of her family.

Elisabeth recently experienced a defining moment about her commitment to Children’s Council when she attended one of our popular family programs, “Cooking Matters.” As the name suggests, the workshop series brings together parents, caregivers and children to show how much joy a healthy, home-cooked meal can bring to a home.

“Dinner is when families come together. That experience doesn’t just shape the lives of children, it changes the whole family.”

Now, as our 2019 Child Care Champions Luncheon Co-Chair, Elisabeth is at the forefront of our work, saying “Yes, Children’s Council connects families and providers. But when you delve deeper, you understand how this organization really allows everyone to pursue greater economic empowerment and chart out their own path.”

Join us on Friday, May 10 2019 at the Four Seasons Hotel for our annual Child Care Champions Luncheon.

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