City Kids Family Fair: Now Available on Demand!

Did you miss the live premiere of City Kids Family Fair? Not to worry, enjoy “City Kids On Demand” whenever it’s convenient for you and your family.

City Kids is packed with arts/crafts, performances and fun learning activities for kids, plus a wealth of information about all the free services and workshops available through Children’s Council.

Check out City Kids on Demand today!

Here’s some helpful information that will help enhance your City Kids experience:

What’s the schedule for City Kids?

What materials do I need for the activities? 

To get the most engaging experience out of City Kids, collect all the items on this checklist

How can I participate in the cooking lesson?  

Gather your ingredients (as per above) and follow along with our recipe card

How can I share my City Kids Family Fair [Virtual Edition] experience?

You can share photos of your family enjoying activities or comment on our social media platforms:  

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