Can I Send My Kids to Summer Camp and Child Care this Summer?

For school age children, the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s (SFDPH) May 22nd Health Order allows child care establishments, summer camps, and other educational or recreational institutions or programs providing care or supervision for children 6 and older to start June 15. The public health order also expands care for children 5 and under as of June 1, allowing all children to receive care.  

All summer programs are still expected to adhere to social distancing guidelines and best practices informed by the latest directives by the SFDPH. Learn about current restrictions here

2020 Summer Camp Calendar & Timeline 

Given the need for smaller group sizes and the fact that some summer camps have chosen not to operate mean that spaces may be limited. Read more about upcoming key dates here

5 Considerations When Selecting a Summer Camp During COVID19 

Deciding whether you feel safe sending your child to in-person child care or summer camps is a very personal decision. Our Online Help Center can guide you through more details about our Top 5 Considerations: 

To learn about additional considerations like how to find financial aid for summer camps or program, and other summer camp precautions, read to the end of our full article

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