Board Spotlight: Anna Nordberg

Anna Photo 1“The great paradox of becoming a parent is that your world shrinks in many ways; you have less time and more responsibilities, but your perspective can also widen as you become increasingly aware of your surrounding community and the desire to give back”

A journalist, mother and volunteer, Children’s Council Board Member Anna Nordberg has always had an interest in child care. When she was eight years old, she wrote into a contest for kids asking what you would do if you were mayor of New York City. Her idea was universal day care. It didn’t win. “The New York Times covered the contest, and they referred to my suggestion as ‘one of the loftier notions’,” she says. “I asked my mother what lofty meant, and I was so disappointed when she told me it meant pie in the sky and unrealistic.”

Despite the New York Times report, Anna’s interest in lofty notions was reinforced with inspiring stories of celebrity and everyday mothers and heroes she met during her journalism career. Now, Anna’s latest project is serving as Event Chair for Children’s Council’s fundraising luncheon, Child Care Champions, on May 16 at the Four Seasons Hotel. Anna works tirelessly on every component of the event, from inspiring board members and potential donors, to working with staff and the event committee on everything from invitations and program details to the menu.

“The event honors heroes in early care and education, but in my mind, anyone who walks into the room is a child care champion,”

Anna started her career in New York as an editorial assistant at InStyle magazine, where she covered celebrity entertaining, weddings, and travel. When she later took a job at the parenting magazine Cookie, her focus pivoted toward children and families. In charge of reader letters, Anna says that while she didn’t have children at the time, she became more aware of the struggles that parents face in holding down a job while juggling time with their family.

Her favorite part of that job was producing the “Smart Cookie Awards,” an event that honored celebrity and everyday mothers doing extraordinary work for women’s and children’s causes. Years of working on these types of events gave Anna the opportunity meet and learn from women who had seen a need, and decided to do something about it.

Anna was inspired by these experiences and soon began volunteering with an organization that helped women and children impacted by HIV/AIDS. “There is always a sense that there is so much to be done, it can be overwhelming. Yes, the needs are always great, but that’s why it is so important to give all you can to help.”

Now, years later and ten states away, Anna feels fortunate to have connected with Children’s Council, an organization that aligns with her life challenges. Her focus on family issues has come full circle and now, as a mother of two, Anna feels even more passionate about the connection between child care/early education and children’s success in school and beyond.

Anna is extremely excited about Children’s Council’s fundraising event, as a way for people to support and learn more about the child care and early education community in San Francisco. Number one on her “can’t wait” list? The chance to shine a light on some of our city’s Child Care Champions.

“We have a unique opportunity to celebrate the people who are working every day to educate children and instill in them a lifelong love of learning, and give them the social skills they need to succeed. That feels great!”

Join Anna, Children’s Council’s Board, and San Francisco’s leading child care advocates and experts for what promises to be an extraordinary inaugural event on May 16. Click here to buy tickets now!

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