A Message from our CEO

The terrible shooting in Atlanta this week has been on my mind, as I know it has for everyone at Children’s Council, particularly our Asian American staff members, as well as the countless Asian American families and early educators who we serve.

This act of senseless violence is so deeply troubling, and sadly, it is not a random incident. This is the latest manifestation of anti-Asian bigotry that has plagued our country for hundreds of years.

To our friends and colleagues of Asian American heritage: please know that you are in our minds and in our hearts always, but especially during this especially painful and frightening time.

And, for all of us, I offer a call to action: let us all seize this moment. Let’s channel our anger and fear into opportunity. Learn about ways you can stand up for and with our friends in the Asian American community. 

Take a moment to explore this expansive list of Anti-Asian Violence Resources. The statistics at the top of the page are startling, but there are concrete ways you can act now, particularly as an ally to the thousands of Asian American children, families and early educators in our community.

One resource that caught my attention was Young, Proud and Sung-jee, a free online children’s book on fighting anti-Asian racism during COVID-19. Why not share this book with a friend or family member who may be struggling to engage with children about this difficult topic?

Truly, we must all stand together in our ongoing commitment to fight racism in our community and in our country

In solidarity,
Gina M. Fromer
Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Council of San Francisco

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