Meet Myisha and her two sons

During the month of December, we highlight families whose lives have been impacted by Children’s Council of San Francisco. With your support, we can keep our city’s parents working to support their families and, through quality child care and early education, ensure that all our children are Ready for School, and Ready for Life.

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When Myisha Smith-Whitaker came to Children’s Council in the late 90’s, her sons were struggling, and she knew what they needed. She says, “Asanté was starting to act out and the doctor recommended a formal child care setting. The social-emotional development children get in that environment is just as important as academics.” They just weren’t getting what they needed to be prepared for kindergarten.

Myisha’s family needed quality child care. Unfortunately, she couldn’t afford it. And, she couldn’t work to support her family without it.

She turned to Children’s Council for assistance. Myisha’s sons flourished in child care and before long, they were ready for kindergarten and beyond. They both excelled throughout school and now, almost twenty years later, both young men continue to set the bar for their classmates.

Asanté is a freshman at San Francisco City College. He makes excellent grades and he’s on his college basketball team. He also tutors trigonometry students in the Gateway to College high school program, which he graduated from last year.

Keyonté is a junior at Phillip & Sala Burton Academic High School, where he maintains a 3.58 grade point average and is co-captain of the cheerleading team. He plans to attend college and has high hopes of receiving a scholarship for cheerleading.

BrothersTogetherMyisha says, “I have no doubt that quality child care put those boys on the right track. They not only got all of their academic skills there, but they also learned how to socialize with other children. It was the key to their success.”

San Francisco’s children are counting on us to make sure that they grow up in a world that values respect for differences and ensures that every child is Ready for School and Ready for Life.

Our work ensures that parents like Myisha stay in our city’s work force and that kids like Asanté and Keyonté get the enriching educational experiences they deserve.

Be a champion for San Francisco families… be a child care champion!

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