Child Care Costs

After housing, child care is often the most significant expense for families. Many parents fear that choosing affordable care means sacrificing quality or losing individual attention for their child. Children’s Council helps all families find the nurturing and reliable care they can afford and feel good about.

Please note: The table shows average costs for various types of care in San Francisco. We provide this information to help parents understand what to expect as they begin searching for child care. A particular child care provider may charge more or less based on experience, education, location or many other factors. Higher cost does not necessarily mean higher quality of care.

Average cost of full-time care in San Francisco Average gross salary of full-time nanny in San Francisco
Child care center Family Child Care Home
Infant 4-year-old Infant 4-year-old One child Two children
Monthly $1,900 $1,500 $1,400 $1,200 $3,291 $3,637
Annual $22,800 $18,000 $16,800 $14,400 $39,490 $43,646

Financial assistance is available for income-eligible families. Many privately operated child care centers offer full or partial scholarships using their own criteria.