VIDEO: Healthy Apple Program Yields Amazing Results

By Philip Mayard
Director of Marketing & Communications, Children’s Council 

Although I’ve only been a staff member at Children’s Council for a few months, I’ve met so many people whose lives have been profoundly affected by the work we do. Through a video we recently produced about our innovative Healthy Apple nutrition program, I had the pleasure of meeting Zonia Torres, a child care provider and active participant in Healthy Apple.

Although I had spoken to Zonia by phone beforehand, I had no idea what an informative and delightful experience visiting her Shining Stars Family Child Care Center would be.

From the moment we arrived, Zonia, her assistant and the children themselves made us feel so welcome. Everywhere you look there are colorful educational tools and games, certificates of achievement and open shelves stocked with fresh fruit. According to Zonia, the children she cares for can have a snack whenever they want, but there are no sugary juice boxes or cookies here!

After learning games and physical activity in the outdoor play area, everyone sat down together at a communal table, where lunch is served “family style.” Children learn about portion control through this simple yet powerful methodology.

Today’s menu: couscous with chicken, mixed vegetables, lentils and lots of fresh fruit. Zonia had prepared enough for us to join in on the meal, and everything was delicious. It was truly inspirational to see children developing wonderful nutritional habits at a young age.

As the day progressed we learned about Healthy Apple and the incredible impact it has had on Zonia, her students and their families. Zonia shares menus and healthy recipes with parents and promotes exercise through group walks around the neighborhood with parents and children. Since she adopted Healthy Apple for her child care program, Zonia has lost seventy pounds herself!

We hope you enjoy this video about Healthy Apple as much as we enjoyed making it!

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