Policy and Advocacy Work

Children’s Council founder Patty Siegel and former state senator Mark Leno.

Children’s Council has been at the heart of the child care system in San Francisco for over 40 years.

Beyond our core work with families and child care providers, we are committed to advocating with local and state policy-makers on a full range of budget and policy issues related to child care and early childhood education.

Children’s Council sponsors our local chapter of Parent Voices, a parent-led grassroots organization working to make quality child care affordable and accessible to all families.

To stay informed on the latest child care and early childhood education issues facing our community, sign up for our budget and advocacy email alerts and engage with us on Facebook.

Media Coverage & Blog Posts

10/9/2019: City to Award $30MM in Stipends to SF Early Educators

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6/21/2018: Prop C — A Victory for our City 

6/6/2018: Bay Area ReporterChildren’s Council was a proponent of Proposition C.

5/26/2018: San Francisco Chronicle — Executive Director Sandee Blechman: “San Francisco has a well-thought-out plan and clear priorities for how to use funds generated by Prop. C”

5/17/2018: KQED Radio “Prop C Universal Childcare for San Francisco.”
Download an MP3. 

3/29/2018: Children’s Council Urges You to Vote YES on Prop C

1/24/2018: New York Times: Why Are Our Most Important Teachers Paid the Least?

10/26/17: Child Care for Working Families Act in Congress Introduced

7/3/17: Three is the Magic Number for Child Care: Availability, Quality, Affordability

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5/3/17: Washington Post: Something to Emulate in Washington, D.C.

3/9/17: Immigrants Make Our Community Stronger through Family Child Care

8/16/16: Child Care is Good for Business

6/17/16: Tell Governor to Support Child Care Funding

5/26/16: Tell California Legislature to Spend Budget Surplus on Child Care

1/6/2016: San Francisco Chronicle: Housing Crisis Affects Child Care Providers and Parents

11/6/2015: Share Your Voice: Urgent Community Events

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7/7/2015: In response to Washington Post: Is Universal Child Care the Next Big Liberal Cause?

7/6/15: New Investments for California Child Care

1/21/15: Wall Street Journal: President Obama State of the Union: “High quality child care is a must-have.”

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1/14/15: San Francisco Chronicle: Mayor Ed Lee Announces Preschool Expansion

1/12/15: US News & World Report: Early Education is a National Priority