Quality child care = success down the road!

Over the past month, we’ve introduced you to Melina, Asanté and Keyonté, John and Paxton. These kids are just a few of the thousands of our city’s youth whose lives have been changed because Children’s Council connected their families to quality child care, and the financial resources to help pay for it.

The research is clear: Kids in quality child care programs are 25% more likely to graduate from high school and get better jobs as adults. Positive early education experiences get children Ready for School, and Ready for Life.

But child care is expensive – between $17,000 to $22,000 per year in San Francisco – forcing many working parents to choose between their jobs and staying home to care for their children. All parents want the best for their families, but not everyone in our community can afford it. That’s where you, and Children’s Council, come in. You can make a difference!

We need your help to make quality child care a reality for all San Francisco families! Your support keeps parents in our city’s work force, and prepares their children for school and beyond.

Don’t wait — there’s still time to make your 2015 gift to Children’s Council. Every dollar makes a difference in getting our city’s children Ready for School, and Ready for Life.

Donate now!

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