Prop C in Jeopardy

Prop C in Jeopardy: Lawsuit Threatens to Take Away Historic Win for Children & Families in San Francisco

This past June, thousands of child care champions in San Francisco went to the voting booth and passed Proposition C: the single largest investment any U.S. city has made for childcare.

But instead of celebrating this historic win, San Francisco’s largest corporate landlords, represented by the Building Owners Management Association (BOMA), have filed suit and are ready to spend millions in a lawsuit to take away this historic win AND our vote.

Children’s Council’s chapter of Parent Voices has responded to this lawsuit with an Op-Ed in the San Francisco Examiner.

We strongly encourage you to take a moment to read about this critical threat to our hard-earned win. The children of our community are counting on all of us to ensure that our voices are heard!

Let your elected leaders know that you stand behind them as they defend Prop C and sign this petition by Parent Voices San Francisco.

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