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Children’s Council Launches Two New Playgroups

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Are you a parent or child care provider looking for a supportive community? Do you have questions about age-appropriate activities, encouraging sharing, or other child development topics? Children’s Council’s popular playgroups are a special place for parents and caregivers to convene, and for children to make new friends!

Four new sessions provide opportunities for children to learn through structured play. Children’s Council Director of Parent Services, Janet Zamudio, says these playgroups were intentionally structured as a series to help families build relationships. “The parents and caregivers really connect over time. They talk about what they do outside of class, where they work, what they do for fun, and what kinds of activities they do with their kids. They are really supportive of each other.”

This season, we debut two new playgroups: Zumba with Claudia on December 8 and Sensory Interactive Play on December 1. Yes, Zumba is for kids too, and adults are invited to join in the fun! In the Sensory Interactive Play session, children learn to explore and perceive the world around them using everyday items that can be found in one’s home. Other sessions include Music and Movement with JAMaROO on November 17, and Exploring Feelings with Elmo on December 15.

If you want to connect with other parents and caregivers, and encourage your child to develop social skills, register for our playgroup sessions today!

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