Early Educators: Looking for High-Quality Resources?

By Chris Bajarias
Children’s Council Child Care Business Supports Manager

At Children’s Council, we’re committed to providing early educators with the best tools and resources to help them build and sustain successful businesses that get our community’s children ready for school and ready for life.

If you’re a child care provider, you don’t have time to search the internet looking for reliable information. Now, you can find everything you need at the ECE (Early Care and Education) Shared Resources California website.

The site provides free access to over 1,200 resources, vetted by national experts and early childhood practitioners, to simplify management and administrative functions, helping early educators to run more efficient, effective child care businesses, so that they can spend more time focusing on the children in their programs.

All information is available in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino and Russian (use the Google Translate tool at the top of the page).

Who is Shared Resources CA for?

What are the benefits of Shared Resources CA?

To get an overview of the ECE Shared Resources, download a reference sheet of available resources for Family Child Care Homes and Child Care Centers.

Signing up for an account is free, quick and easy!

Visit www.ECEresourcesCA.org and click “Request an Account” to get access to the site. Already a member but need help logging in? Click here to reset your password.

Children’s Council of San Francisco is partnering with the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund to bring the ECE Resources CA website to San Francisco. If you have any input about how to improve resources or general questions about the site, please email us or call 415.276.2972.

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