Meet-up Group for New and Expecting Moms

By Jessica Rose Boehme, MA
Children’s Council Parent & Caregiver Education Manager

Jessica B and Olyvia

Parent & Caregiver Education Manager Jessica Boehme and daughter Olyvia

Are you a new or expecting mom? Then you’re no doubt experiencing a huge range of new emotions, rewards and challenges.

I’m a new mom myself. As women and new/expecting mothers, we are faced with so many life issues for the first time, ranging from body image, relationships and breast-feeding to daily life with a new baby: sleeping, toileting, feeding and so much more.

If this sounds familiar to you, then Children’s Council’s New Moms Group is for you!

A growing body of research shows how important social interaction and support is to helping new mothers deal better with stress and relating to their children in more positive ways. At Children’s Council, we understand the importance of this experience. We facilitate this weekly group where moms can explore and learn from each other.

As a new parent, I’ve come to rely on a strong network of wise moms representing several generations. Their expertise and advice has been invaluable in my journey as both a new parent and as a professional working in the child care field for over 20 years.

I look forward to creating a structured space for new moms to share, discover and reflect with one another.


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