Jessica Boehme-Flores

Jessica Boehme-Flores, Parent & Caregiver Education Manager

Jessica Rose Boehme-Flores, MA Psychology, leads Children’s Council’s Parent & Caregiver Education (PCE) program. This role oversees – and often actively leads – programs like our Tuesday Playgroups, New & Expecting Moms groups, Parent Cafés and other educational opportunities for families and professionals. Parent & Caregiver Education has been a key connective addition to Children’s Council, fostering a deeper connection with the families, children, and community we serve.

To lead her programs, Jessica draws on her diverse experiences. These include adult education, child development, Family Child Care quality programming and Quality Rating and Improvement Systems, starting up small businesses/micro-enterprises, early literacy, advocacy, inclusion and therapeutic intervention through art and play. In addition, her knowledge extends to subsidy as well as referrals and resources, having been a part of the R&R family since 1999! Jessica lives in San Rafael and has a three year old, allowing her to put her work into practice at home.

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