It’s time to get our children Ready for School, and Ready for Life!

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Right now, our city’s children are counting on us. They are counting on us to make sure that they grow up in a world that values respect for differences and ensures that every child is Ready for School and Ready for Life.

Child care matters. Science tells us that the first five years of brain development set the course for success in school and in life. And without quality, affordable child care, parents can’t hold down stable jobs.

Children’s Council is on the front-lines of connecting San Francisco families with the critical child care they need.

Through the generosity of people like you, we aim to make quality child care and early education a reality for all children in San Francisco, closing the achievement gap and allowing all families to thrive.

Throughout December we’ll be highlighting families whose lives have been impacted by the work of Children’s Council.

With your support, we can keep our city’s parents working to support their families and, through quality child care and early education, ensure that all our children are
Ready for School and Ready for Life.

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