Providing a Pathway to Success for All Children

Development Center-4232Before coming to Children’s Council in August 2015, Rebecca Cressey was taking care of her three-year-old son Paxton on her own.

Born prematurely at 28 weeks, Paxton had been monitored by doctors closely since birth. Rebecca says, “Paxton’s doctors determined he had an eye condition that makes it difficult for his eyes to focus properly. They also thought a day care situation would help him with his social growth.”’

Rebecca also wanted to return to college and get back into the work force, but she didn’t think she could afford the care that would prepare Paxton for kindergarten. So she turned to Children’s Council for help.

Our Inclusion team researched numerous learning environments for children with special needs and determined that Little Children’s Developmental Center might be a good fit for Paxton.

Paxton thrived at Little Children’s. Rebecca says, “The greatest reward was watching Paxton form bonds with other kids and seeing that he was accepted.

paxton-graduationPaxton graduated from Little Children’s this summer and is now in transitional kindergarten at Redding Elementary. Rebecca says, “He’s made lots of friends, he gets up excited to go to school. He has become much more confident and outgoing. Every teacher knows him by name. He introduces himself, he says hi to the principal and the other children, they have real conversations.”

Meanwhile Rebecca recently completed her fourth semester at City College, earning a 4.0 average in the spring and summer. “Having Paxton in a trusted environment, I knew that he was happy and his needs were being met. This has really allowed me to focus on my school work. In 1 ½ years I’ll transfer to San Francisco State to finish my degree.”

“If we hadn’t connected with Little Children’s, Paxton’s social-emotional skills would not have taken off the way that they have. I didn’t even realize we qualified for subsidized child care. Children’s Council has made a monumental difference in our lives.

Each year Children’s Council connects thousands of families to child care that meets their needs, including parents like Rebecca, who need inclusive care and services for their children with special needs. But we need your help in getting all of our city’s children ready for school and ready for life.

This holiday season, we hope you will consider a year-end gift to Children’s Council.

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