FCC Quality Network Conference: Heroes in Early Education

Hosted by Children’s Council in partnership with Wu Yee Children’s Services, the annual Child Care Quality Network Conference welcomed over 130 family child care educators from the Family Child Care Quality Network.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Superheroes of Early Education: Strength, Leadership, Advocacy.”  Child care providers participated in workshops with Tandem, Partners in Early Learning, West Ed Center for Child and Family Studies, SF Inclusion Networks, Healthy Apple and City College of San Francisco.

September Jarrett, Director of the San Francisco Office of Early Care and Education, delivered the keynote address. To signify that all early educators are superheroes, every provider received a superhero cape!

“It was great to see our QN Network providers networking with colleagues, learning from local experts, and embracing their superpowers,” says Dawn Perry, Children’s Council’s Director of Child Care Quality Initiatives.

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