EdSource: The Federal Stimulus Bill Impact on ECE

This week in EdSource, California’s pre-eminent source of education information, research and analysis , our CEO Gina Fromer leads the publication’s article on the Biden stimulus bill and its impact on early education in our state.

Our early educator community has been desperately underfunded for decades. Even before the pandemic, most child care providers — particularly those in communities of color — lived below the poverty level, relying on government support and social service programs like Medicaid and food stamps to meet their family’s basic needs. 

Those inequalities have been magnified during COVID-19,” said Gina Fromer, CEO of Children’s Council of San Francisco, a resource and referral agency.

“The passage of the Biden stimulus plan is a significant investment in our early education community, and one that we are grateful for. These funds will go a long way to helping many child care providers survive the current crisis.”

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