Don’t Let Halloween Treats Trick Your Child’s Teeth!

By Raegan Sales
Healthy Apple Program Coordinator

At Children’s Council, we know that oral health goes hand in hand with healthy eating habits.

Our Healthy Apple Program promotes good nutrition and physical activity to help children in child care and preschool programs in San Francisco develop healthy habits early in life.

In order to eat healthy foods and feel strong and energetic, kids need strong teeth to sink into crunchy foods like apples and carrots.

Halloween is an especially important time for you to pay attention to your children’s oral health.

Did you know that each  time your child takes a bite of a sugary treat, bacteria that lurk in the mouth use the sugar to make “ACID Ghosts?” Even after sweets are swallowed, acid can haunt teeth for up to two hours. If sweets are eaten many times during the day, the acid can cause cavities.

Download the flyers created by the San Francisco County CMS Branch below (in English, Spanish, and Chinese) for more helpful Halloween candy tips and to learn how you can keep “Acid Ghosts” away!

Halloween Candy Tips (English)

Halloween Candy Tips (Spanish)

Halloween Candy Tips (Chinese)

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