Family Child Care Providers: Know Your Rights as a Renter

Guest blogger:
Julia Frudden, Director of Community Advocacy, Child Care Law Center

The housing crisis has had major consequences on the availability of family child care for parents, especially in the Bay Area.

At the Child Care Law Center, many child care providers have told us about landlords who unlawfully restrict child care or increase rents. Fortunately, California lawmakers understand that family child care strengthens our communities and they have created special protections for providers who rent.

Did you know that landlords in California cannot raise the rent on a family child care provider’s home because they run a child care business?

To ensure that child care providers understand their legal protections, the Child Care Law Center has produced a variety of tenants’ rights resources, including these videos in English, Spanish and Chinese*, which answer basic questions about legal protections for family child care homes under state law.

Scroll down to view links to publications about this critical issue.

Our publication, “Know the Law About Family Child Care in California Rental Property” (also available in Chinese) is also a great tool, helping landlords understand what they can and cannot do. Landlords may be more understanding once they are educated about the law and about the vital support that family child care providers give to children, families and the greater community.

If you or someone you know has legal questions about child care, please call the Child Care Law Center at 415.558.8005 or fill out our online form.

*Asian Americans Advancing Justice–Asian Law Caucus, Asian Law Alliance, Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach, and the Family Child Care Association of San Francisco (FCCASF) partnered with the Child Care Law Center to produce these resources in Chinese. The FCCASF supported this project in memoriam of Rosie Kennedy.

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