Aileen Tung-Dhaou

Aileen Tung-Dhaou, Program Manager Family Engagement Specialization

With a background in Public Health and Business Administration, Aileen Tung-Dhaou has over twenty years of work experience in the non-profit sector in various fields-ranging from public health research institutions, hospitals/clinics, community-based organizations, a reference institution in France and to her current role as the Family Child Care Home Education Network Manager at Children’s Council.

Her first job was as a teacher’s aide at age 15, working at Telegraph Hill children’s center through the Community Youth Center of San Francisco. Now she is back in full circle diving into her first job in the Child Care field after relocating back to the Bay Area. Aileen and her husband, an arborist, has two young children, attests that access to affordable and reliable quality child care is also a challenge in France. She hopes to alleviate some of those anxieties by ensuring families in her quality-controlled subsidy program receives the comprehensive support services that they need to help their child succeed in all areas of their development.

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